Rental Agreement Template

Photo of a brick house in the UK with a valid rental agreement in use.
Use our rental agreement template to customise the document for your particular property and circumstances. Photo © Paul Shreeve (cc-by-sa/2.0)

The Benefits Of Our Rental Agreement Template

One of the benefits of using our rental agreement template is the ability to customise the document in relation to your own property.

For example, you may have particular circumstances, such as access to the property, the number of people allowed to stay, restrictions on pets and other specifics particular to the home you are renting.

Our rental agreement template comes in two formats: Word Doc and PDF. Print the PDF and use it “as is” if it is suitable, which will be the case for most properties, or open the Word Doc version of our rental agreement and make your changes.

You can then either print the rental agreement Word Doc directly or export it as a PDF and then print it.

Presenting The Rental Agreement Document To Your Tenants

When you have found a tenant and they are ready to move in, both you and your tenant will need to sign the rental agreement.

Having a legal tenancy agreement is important as it protects both the landlord and tenants.

The tenancy agreement should include the following:

  • The full names and addresses of the landlord and tenant(s)
  • The address of the property
  • The date the rental agreement starts
  • Details on rent – how much, when it’s due, methods of payment accepted
  • How long the tenancy is for
  • Who is responsible for Council Tax and other charges
  • The tenant’s obligations, such as keeping the property clean and tidy
  • What will happen if either party wants to end the tenancy early
  • Any special conditions that are agreed upon

Tenants should also be given a copy of the gas safety certificate, Energy Performance Certificate and any other important documents relating to the property.

Image of some flats rented with AST residential rental agreements.
Our rental agreement also includes other useful documents for renting your property in England or Wales. Photo © Marathon (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Signing The Rental Agreement

Once both you and the tenant have read and agreed to the terms of the tenancy agreement, sign and date it.

The landlord should keep a copy of the signed agreement for their records.

It’s important to note that, in England and Wales, most assured shorthold tenancies (ASTs) are now for a minimum of six months.

This means that, even if the tenancy agreement says it will only last for a certain amount of time, it will automatically roll over into another fixed-term AST once the first one expires unless both the landlord and tenant agree to end the tenancy earlier.

Download Our Trusted Tenancy Agreement

For England & Wales

For Renting Properties: Tenancy Agreement Form
For Individual Lodgers: Room Rental Agreement

What Else Is Included With The Rental Agreement?

As well as the Word Doc and PDF versions of the tenancy agreement template itself, included in the rental contract package is:

  • Printable Property Inventory Template: A simple document to let you list all the items in a furnished property, along with their condition.
  • Tenant Advice Document: An editable document which can be presented to your tenants outlining advice such as quick contact information for the landlord, what to do in certain circumstances and any other extra details you wish to include.
  • Landlord Advice Sheet: An extra document with some additional tips and advice for you, the landlord.

It is always a good idea to print then go over the agreement in person with your tenant before signing the document.

Useful landlord information:

Using Our Rental Agreement Template

When you use our rental agreement template, you can be sure that your property is being rented out in a professional and legally compliant manner.

Having a legal document to refer to will help to avoid any disputes or disagreements between landlords and tenants down the line.

Download your tenancy agreement now and get started!

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