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Tenancy Agreement Terms Of Use

Updated August 2023

Legal Disclaimer
Residential property rental agreement written by our company solicitor in compliance with the housing act 1988. Use, edit and adapt the tenancy agreement at your own risk. Consult your legal council for further advice.

1. The tenancy agreement for England and Wales was written by our in-house solicitor and your use of the lease and associated documents is entirely at your own risk. This includes using the tenancy agreement as supplied or if you choose to make any changes to the document.

2. Rentaldocs.co.uk, our legal team and digital property owners accept no liability for the use of this lease or the consequences thereof. The lease is provided for your use by our website as a service. We are not a law firm and we do not give legal advice.

3. After purchase you are permitted to download the lease a limited number of times. We track all payments and lease pack downloads.

If you should face any technical issue with the payment or downloading of your lease, contact us stating your issues. Please note this email is strictly for payment or download issues, we do not provide support for third party software or legal advice in relation to renting property.

4. This tenancy agreement pack is for England & Wales only. If you make changes to the lease or if you have any concerns we strongly recommend taking legal advice by contacting your solicitor or lawyer.

5. The entire tenancy agreement pack and the associated documents contained within is copyright © RentalDocs.co.uk 2023-2024. The document is protected by digital watermark systems and unique numbering.

6. You are entitled to use the lease pack multiple times, including for multiple properties, for your own personal use only.

7. You are not entitled to sell, distribute, copy, digitally share, re-package or make available for download the tenancy agreement pack or any part thereof. Any party found in violation of our copyright will be prosecuted.

8. Our copyright on this tenancy agreement pack and included documents stands under UK law regardless of any changes you may make to the documents.

9. By purchasing the tenancy agreement template pack on this website you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions of use.


Refund Policy
As our residential tenant agreement form is a digital product made available for immediate download, we do not offer a refund once the documents have been downloaded. If you are experiencing any issues during the purchase or download process, click on the support link in your rental agreement download email received after purchase.

Payment Processing

We use payment processing by Stripe in order to process your payments securely.

Download and Unpacking

We use Sellfy as our download agent to enable secure downloads.

After purchase, you will receive a download link in the email address you provided. You can download the tenancy agreement pack two times via this link.

The tenancy agreement pack is supplied in a compressed .zip folder. Simply unzip this folder to your local computer to access the documents.

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External Software

We do not offer support for any external software such as Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF readers, or any other third party software.

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