Tenancy Agreement For
England and Wales

Printable Tenancy Agreement Contract in Word Doc and PDF

Written for Landlords in England and Wales.

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Compiled by our UK company solicitor

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Word Doc & PDF

Our tenancy agreement comes in Word Doc and PDF formats. Make changes to the Word Doc easily or use the printable PDF rental agreement.

Bonus Documents

Included in the tenancy form pack is a handy tenant advice document, a landlord advice sheet and a property inventory document. 

Full Instructions

Full instructions are included within your tenancy agreement download. A secure link is sent to your email to download your rental agreement template.

Our printable tenancy agreement for England and Wales was compiled by our UK company solicitor in order that our customers can have a secure, verified and legal residential rental contract which can be used multiple times with confidence.

If you are renting out an individual room, we also have an easy-to-use
UK room rental agreement.


Tenancy agreement England and Wales

“I needed a simple tenancy agreement to rent out my flat and this was exactly what I wanted. I made a few small changes and it was ready to go.”

Ann Coombe, Surrey

Simple tenancy agreement

“Much cheaper than what my solicitor was going to charge me and just as effective! I’ve used it twice, once for my London flat and once for my studio.”

Alan Sinclair, Norfolk

Tenancy agreement London

“The Word Doc was what I was after as my cottage has some access issues I needed to include before renting it out to the tenants. Great value for money.”

Reg Milton, London

Tenancy agreement letter

“I used the rental contract and I also used the tenant advice sheet, which I thought added a professional touch and gave my tenants some handy extra info.”

Tracy Jenkins, Swansea

UK Room Rental Agreement

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Tenancy Agreement Template Word Doc

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Tenancy Agreement FAQ

Do I need a tenancy agreement for England and Wales?

It is not a legal requirement in England and Wales but you are strongly advised to make sure you have a valid rental or assured shorthold tenancy agreement for England and Wales in place. Our legal tenancy agreement form protects you as a landlord and your tenant when renting your property.

Can I edit the tenancy agreement template?

Our tenancy agreement template comes in MS Word Doc (.docx) format which is fully editable. Simply open the MS word version of the tenancy agreement template and make the changes you need. We advise you to save under a different filename to preserve the original document should you need to refer back to the original tenancy agreement.

Is the tenancy agreement only for England and Wales?

Yes, this is a tenancy agreement for England and Wales. Scotland and Northern Ireland have different laws regarding property rental.

What if I have no tenancy agreement for England and Wales?

Whether you use a rental agreement form or not, your tenant still has rights and will still be protected by the law in England and Wales. Having a valid contract which is signed by a landlord, tenant and witness establishes the parameters of the lease and gives you more leverage if something goes wrong. However, as a landlord, you must still act within the law regardless of the contents of any rental agreement.

Can I use the tenancy agreement form multiple times?

Yes, you can use our tenancy agreement for England and Wales as many times as you wish. Make changes to the Word Doc version or use the prepared PDF (suitable for most renting circumstances).