Printable Landlord Inventory Template

Photo of a living room which uses our printable landlord inventory template.
The printable landlord inventory template allows owners of furnished properties to track the contents of their rental property before the tenants begin their lease. Photo by Jon’Nathon Stebbe

Using The Printable Landlord Inventory Template

Included in your tenancy agreement for England and Wales is a very handy and printable landlord inventory template.

This simple table-style document allows you to list any items in your furnished property which represent value. Before your tenants move in, you can go over the items in the printable landlord inventory template and your tenant can then sign the bottom of the document.

This is a simple way of having both the landlord and the tenant acknowledge any items and their current condition. It also provides an opportunity for the prospective tenant to disagree with any item they do not believe to be correct.

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How To Use The Landlord Inventory Template

Item NameItem LocationItem Condition
Two Seat SofaLiving RoomGood
Flat Screen TVLiving RoomGood
Microwave OvenKitchenNew
Double BedBedroomFair
A representation of our printable landlord inventory template. Simply print as many inventory sheets as you need to use for the items in your furnished property.

The property inventory template can be used as many times as you wish, but it should really be used to list items that have any value in your property, and not necessarily every single teaspoon and coaster.

Here is the method we recommend to effectively use the printable property inventory template:

  • Print out a blank copy of the property inventory template
  • List the items, where they are located and their condition
  • Use terms that will make sense to you and your tenant
  • Be honest about the condition of the items in your property
  • Go over each item with the tenant
  • Be fair and make changes if they are required
  • Once agreed, sign the bottom of each sheet
  • Ask your tenant to sign each inventory sheet
Photo of a kitchen with items listed in the landlord inventory template.
List the most obvious and valuable items in the landlord inventory template and be honest about the condition of the items listed. Photo by Jon’Nathon Stebbe

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Reviewing The Landlord Inventory Template With Your Tenant

Try to complete the landlord inventory template prior to showing your rental property to any prospective tenant. This allows you to take your time and make decisions about what items should be included and their current condition.

Once you have decided to rent your property to a tenant you can present the property inventory template to your tenant before they sign the written tenancy agreement. Go over each item and give your tenant a chance to disagree with any entry.

For example, if you have listed a double bed in the property inventory and written its condition as “New”, and if it is not new, simply cross out, initial and re-write the condition of the item.

Likewise, if an item is listed which is no longer present, cross out the entire item and initial the row on the table. Make these changes on both your copy and the copy of the property inventory template you will give to your tenant.

Photo of a tenant signing a property inventory template
Sign the property inventory template with your tenant and make sure both you and your tenant receive a signed copy of each sheet. Photo by Adeolu Eletu

What Does The Property Inventory Template Do?

The purpose of the property inventory template is to get the tenant to acknowledge the listed items and their condition before they sign the main tenancy agreement for the property.

It simply provides a written agreement of the condition of the items and removes some possibility for dispute. This is very important, especially if you are using a tenant deposit scheme in the UK to hold the deposit for your rental property.

Should a dispute arise where an item in your property is damaged, broken or even missing, you can present the signed and dated property inventory document to the tenant deposit scheme as written evidence.

This makes it difficult for a tenant to dispute the condition of an item if they have previously agreed on the condition and signed the landlord inventory template to that effect.

Where can I download a printable landlord inventory template?

A printable landlord inventory template is included in our tenancy agreement for England and Wales. Although this document is optional, if you are renting a furnished property it is wise to write down a list of any items of value, along with their location and current condition, before the tenancy begins.

How does a property inventory template work?

Simply list any items you feel are worth itemising on the property inventory template. The simple structure allows you, the landlord, to list the items by name, location and condition. Once completed, present and review the property inventory document with your tenant before signing.

Why should I use a landlord inventory template?

You should use the printable landlord inventory template to itemise and protect any items you have included in your property rental, especially for furnished properties. Using the property inventory document removes the possibility for any dispute about the listed items in the future.

The Advantage Of Using The Printable Landlord Inventory Template

The main advantage to utilising the printable landlord inventory template is to gain the acknowledgement of items and their condition in written form from the tenant who will be renting your property.

This leaves little room for dispute if something should happen to an item within your property during the tenancy. If the tenant has agreed the presence of an item, the location and the condition, as listed on your property inventory template, it makes it very difficult to dispute the item at a later date.

For example, lets say you have listed a Flat Screen TV in the living room as being in good condition and the tenant agrees to this. One year later, the tenant is about to leave and says there was no TV in the living room. You have the signed landlord inventory document to present to demonstrate the tenants agreement before they moved in.

This can then be presented to a tenant deposit scheme or any other party if a dispute should arise.

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