Tenancy Agreement Template Word Doc

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We have two products which include a Word Doc which you can easily edit. Our Room Rental Agreement for lodgers and our main Tenancy Agreement For England and Wales for renting all other forms of property.

How To Use The Tenancy Agreement Template Word Doc

After you unzip your tenancy agreement pack you will see several different documents, including two versions of the rental contract. One is the Tenancy Agreement PDF format which is ready for printing. The other documents are the printable landlord inventory template, the tenant advice sheet and the landlord advice document.

The other is the Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement Template Word Doc which you can customise.

Lets get started.

Customer Help: What is an assured shorthold tenancy agreement?

Before You Edit The Tenancy Agreement Word Document

Before you start making changes to the Word Doc version of the Tenancy Agreement for England and Wales, it is important to first save a master copy. This way you can revert back to the original copy if you make any critical mistakes.

If you do not need to make any changes to the document, print the PDF version and fill in by hand.

Take the following steps before editing your Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement Word Doc:

  • Open the main Tenancy Agreement Word Doc, entitled “Editable Tenancy Agreement”
  • Once it is open, click “File” then “Save As”
  • Save the document with a new filename, such as “Draft1”.
  • Make sure to save it as a Word Doc or compatible file
  • The original file remains in the folder, while you now work on your newly named version.
  • Simply re-open the original Tenancy Agreement Word Doc if you need to go back to the start.

Download Our Trusted Tenancy Agreement

For England & Wales

For Renting Properties: Tenancy Agreement Form
For Individual Lodgers: Room Rental Agreement

Making Changes To The Tenancy Agreement Word Doc

We have included a MS Word Document version of our downloadable tenancy agreement in order to enable you, the landlord, to make any changes which reflect your particular property.

Anything can be changed in the Tenancy Agreement Word Document. However, it is worth remembering that although you can pre-fill some details, as illustrated in the image above, the completed document should ideally be filled in by hand in front of the tenant.

Changes in the Word Doc version are to allow you to add additional information, or make a small change to a particular area of the agreement. You can also add and remove sections as required.

The Word Doc version of our tenancy agreement template is easy to alter if you need to make changes to suit your own property. Image for illustration purposes, actual AST Word Doc contains 5 pages.

What is an assured shorthold tenancy agreement word doc?

An AST Word Doc (.docx) is the MS Word version of our tenancy agreement template. The AST word doc version allows you to edit and adjust the contents of the tenancy agreement to suit your individual property.

Can I edit the tenancy agreement word doc?

You can open and edit the AST word doc as many times as you need to. You can also use it for multiple properties such as a house, flat or even room rental.

How do I open the tenancy agreement word doc?

You can open the Word Doc (.docx) with any compatible software, such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs or Open Office. Once you have finished editing the word doc, simply print the tenancy agreement and complete and sign the document with your tenant.

Once You Have Finished Editing The Word Doc

Once you have made your changes to the Word Doc, save your working copy, then either print it direct from MS Word, or better still, save it as a PDF file (under File / Save As) then print the PDF.

This ensures a nice clean copy is printed. Make copies for both you, the landlord, and your tenant.

Remember the following facts Word Doc version:

  • While you can pre-fill certain details in the boxes, you don’t have to. You can fill in these fields manually with your tenant.
  • Some items, such as the check-boxes, are designed to be completed by hand after printing.
  • On the Word doc version, we have pre-filled some example name and address data. Simply clear these boxes or change the details to suit your tenants information.
  • Make any other changes relevant to your property and save the working file then export as a PDF.
  • Print your customised version and complete by hand in front of your tenant.

MS Word Alternatives To Edit The Document

This tenancy agreement has a version using Microsoft Word. However, you can also open and edit the documents in free software such as Google Docs or the free Open Office suite.

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